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Our area has a proud history of coming together when times are difficult. That's more important now than ever - as coronavirus is affecting more and more people's health and the way we need to live our lives.

Lots of people have already got in touch with me, asking me how they can help during the coronavirus crisis. Many of our neighbours or friends are likely to need support - for example if they can't get out for shopping or if someone in the family loses their job or income.

That's why I've been talking to the local council and voluntary organisations about how people can help their neighbours or support local services including the NHS while still following the Government guidance. Wakefield Council are working with local groups to establish community hubs in each town to coordinate volunteers and to make sure we can keep things like food banks running.

But we need help. If you would like to volunteer to help the community hubs, local foodbanks or other voluntary groups, or if you are already part of another voluntary group that wants to link up, then please let me know your details in the form below. I will pass your details to the community hub for your town that is coordinating our local response to the help that is needed and send you updates on the support needed locally.

If you are part of a voluntary and community group that might need extra help - maybe because your usual volunteers can't help - then let me know too, by emailing me on

If you are in need of help and support call Wakefield Council's helpline on 0345 8 506 506 or email me on

Many of you, like me, may also have signed up to join the national NHS volunteers scheme, which we hope will connect to our local community hubs too. So even if you have already signed up for the national scheme, let me know your details and I can keep you in touch with local developments too.

In the meantime here's three things you can do:

  1. Keep in touch with the latest Government advice.
  2. Contact family, friends or neighbours - give them a ring to see if they have what they need.
  3. Donate to our local foodbanks if you can as stocks are running very low for those already in real need of help

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